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A New Tool to Overcome Survey Biases

For decades, surveys have been one of the major tools to dig into the subconscious thoughts of consumers in market research. They are fast, affordable, and incredibly easy to use. But are they trustworthy?

Surveys often come with what’s called the response/survey bias. Simply put, it’s the propensity of humans to answer survey questions untruthfully or misleadingly. There many reasons why humans do that. Many merely feel pressure to give socially acceptable answers. People often want to represent themselves in the best light, which can affect their survey responses. More than that, many could also view surveys as mind-numbing or uninteresting, which could immensely influence the results.

Oftentimes, the respondent isn’t even aware of doing so, which raises many questions on whether surveys could still be used as a reliable tool or not. A lot of vital decisions are made based on surveys. Especially in market research, being insightful to what your consumers think or feel about your brand is the ultimate information a company can have for prominent branding.

Despite the response bias, companies remain to use surveys because until recently, this was the only tool close enough to reading humans' subconscious thoughts and preferences. If people’s preferences were not hidden by default, market research could have been so much easier. Sadly, there is solid evidence that surveys are unreliable and give a false image. The problem is so systemicthat there’s a whole body of scientific studies focused on how to prevent this bias from happening. 

Fortunately, there is a new technology that can successfully and effortlessly overcome the response bias and allow companies to conduct market research without the worriedness of it not being truthful. Instead of answering a survey, this unique tool lets customers or employees play a fun and simple game that is personalized for each brand’s needs and products. The game measures the genuine subconscious preferences of the players, analyses them, and returns valuable and reliable insights about the brand.

In NeuroApplied, we use advanced neuroscience and machine learning-based technology that allows you to understand your customers’ deep subconscious thoughts in the fastest, most reliable, and fun way. 

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